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What if I Have Aluminum Wiring in My Home?

By Pingston Electric, LLC, Jan 7 2016 03:52PM

If your home was built in the mid 60's to early 70's and is located in the US or Canada, it's very possible that your home has aluminum wiring.

Every day, families who never had problems with their aluminum wire before are calling licensed electricians to their home for flickering lights, warm faceplates, burnt plastic smells and in some cases, even fire. Just because you've never had problems before doesn't mean one isn't brewing. In many cases, aluminum wire failure occurs over a long period of time.

It is not that the aluminum wire itself is a problem, but the problem is when the aluminum wiring attaches at the receptacle such as a wall plug, light switch or light fixture. When a homeowner is told that they have aluminum wiring, they fear the worst, and they may think that they need to replace the wiring within the walls of their homes, but that is simply just NOT the case.

Although aluminum wiring can be bad news for your home insurance, some insurers will allow you to make more affordable adjustments that can be done by a qualified licensed electrician. For example, you can install approved wire connectors. These allow you to join exisiting aluminum wires with a small piece of copper wire at electrical fixtures where aluminum wiring is the most hazardous. Two products on the market are COPALUM and ALUMNICONN, which have been approved as alternatives to rewiring.

The surest way to determine whether or not there is a problem is to have Pingston Electric, LLC thoroughly check out your wiring. Call us today at 321-773-4651 for a Free Estimate on how we can correct aluminum wiring and the problems it causes.

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