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Memorial Day Electrical Safety

By Pingston Electric, LLC, May 9 2016 03:50PM

Memorial Day marks the start of the traditional summer season. We all have various activities scheduled for the weekend, which may include cookouts, boating, swimming or work around the house.

No matter what you have planned, please make safety a part of your weekend. It's important to remember that you are surrounded by electricity and that outdoor electrical safety shouldn't be overlooked.

Here are a few tips to keep everyone safe:

• Have an electrician inspect your pool, spa and hot tub wiring to ensure it is up to code.

• Inspect each of your outdoor outlets and lighting to make sure there are no fraying, splices, cracks or other signs of trouble.

• All outdoor receptacles should be covered to keep them dry. Use ground fault interrupters (GFCI's) on all electrical devices used outside to prevent electrocutions, especially around pools or spas.

• Remind swimmers to never touch an electrical appliance while they're in the water.

• Use battery powered devices around water instead of cord connected devices.

• Have a detailed emergency plan. This plan should outline the necessary course of action you should take if someone is suffering from an electric shock.

By keeping these safety tips in mind, your Memorial Day weekend can be a more joyous celebration, kicking off summer in a big way.

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