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Making the Switch to LED - Which one to choose?

By Pingston Electric, LLC, Jul 5 2016 06:47PM

Nowadays, LED lights are offering a much wider array of color tempertures, which make them great for setting the mood in different enviornments. But how do you know which one to pick and what exactly is color temperature, and how is it measured?

The color of your light that your LED bulbs will emit depends on its CCT or "Color Correlated Temperature," which is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. The measurement in Kelvin for lighting color goes from 1000K to 9000K. "Cool" colors have higher Kelvin temperatures ranging from 3600K-5500K. Whereas the "Warmer" LED color temperatures are around 2700K-3500K. Kelvin rating will only change the color temperature, it won't make your space brighter with a higher rating. The lower the Kelvins, the "warmer" the light because it's coloring is often redder or more orange hue. So a bulb described as "warm" is actually cooler in temperature than a "cool" bulb is.

Being aware of these guidlines can help you choose lighting that best fits your needs.

The Color Correlated Temperature Scale:

~1900K - This is the closest to the warm orange glow of a candle or sunlight at sunrise or sunset.

~2400K-2700K - Often used in accent lighting to blend in with fluorescent 2700K applications.

~3000K-3500K - Most like a standard 100W halogen bulb. A yellowish hue, but much closer to your basic white.

~4000K-5000K - Closet to direct sunlight. Used in general lighting; factories, parking lots & warehouses.

~5000K-5500K - Daylight lamps: horticulture, aquariums, high color definition.

~6000K-10000K - Starts to get a blue tint like some automotive headlights.

When it comes to making decisions about lighting, even some basic knowldege can result in huge advantages that will leave you looking like an expert! Call Pingston Electric today for all your LED needs.

Jul 5 2017 01:44PM by Brihat Lighting

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